Adventure Sisters - Comedy

In trying to understand the curious death of a childhood friend, three women return to their hometown and stumble upon a much larger mystery.

Ruthie - Comedy

A young Jewish widow accompanies her acutely irritating Christian mother-in-law on a thousand-mile road trip to her new retirement home in Florida.

Tiki - Adventure

On a search for rare tropical birds for the San Francisco Zoological Society, an ornithologist takes advantage of a brand new flight to Hawaii in 1954, where he discovers a lot more than wildlife.

logline - spec script

Take the Day - Drama

In a seemingly chance encounter, exes with powerful chemistry meet in a layover city and decide to spend one more day together. There are only two rules; they can’t talk about the past and they must part ways at midnight.

WGA & LOC Registered

To cope with an overbearing stage mother, classmates who hate her, and an impending talent show, a nerdy elementary school student must turn to her imaginary friend, Carmen Miranda. (You can read the script by clicking on the title.)

In this sequel to the short film Ellie Loves Frank, Ellie and Frank attempt to resume regular life by attending a Halloween party. And this time, they brought a friend. (You can read the script by clicking on the title.)

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