These are my base rates. If you’re working with a different budget, pitch me. I’m flexible. If I’m not the best person for the job, I'll recommend a qualified, pleasant professional.


  • Conceptualizing, Writing, Directing & Editing

    • Hourly Rate: $285

    • Day Rate: $600 (8 hours)

  • Retainer

    I'm on-call with your company full time during EST or PST business hours. Or, I'm solely invested in your creative project. I'm happy to travel if expenses are covered.


    • Weekly Rate: $2700

    • Monthly Rate: $8800 (40 hours per 5 day work week)


How do we begin?


Send me an email or leave a voicemail with basic details. We'll talk. I may ask to see materials while I evaluate how much time your project will take and whether I'm the best fit for the job. 


When can you start?

I currently take one or two projects a month. First, I provide a quote. Then we sign a contract and you pay a deposit. A small waiting period before I begin is common. We'll include a specific start date on your contract. It's best to book early.


But...seriously...can you start right now?

I'll expedite work for an additional 25% of my original quote. Because I have other deadlines, expediting means working overtime or working weekends to finish other projects early. Hence, the additional cost.


Will you make edits afterward?

Yes! I’m available for 1 week after product delivery for light edits at no charge. Extensive edits needed weeks after final delivery due to changes in operations or policy require an additional fee. (But I’ll give you a great deal.)


Will you work with our graphic designer?

Absolutely! I also work with a roster of talented artists and graphic designers if you'd like a recommendation. 


When do I pay?


I require a 40% deposit before work begins, the remainder is due upon delivery. 


Can I pay by credit card or PayPal? 

Sure. There’s a 3% processing fee, but it’s a small price to pay for the speed. More traditional methods of payment are also accepted. Keep in mind, I can't begin work until the deposit is received.





  • My professional specialties include quick edits, generating multiple creative concepts, and editing pre-existing copy.

    I'm often retained to shepherd a creative project in progress through to completion. I'm also hired as a consultant who makes a quick assessment, delivers recommendations, then exits allowing a team to finish their work with a fresh perspective. Though it sounds clinical, I enjoy my work immensely. 


  • Your custom quote depends on many factors.

    The current condition of your project determines the duration of the work. If your project is small or if you need a “finish line edit”, I can turn it quickly. (I’ve done emergency edits in less than a day.) 


  • If we’re collaborating from the beginning or if your project is substantial, exhaustive, or analysis-based, that adds time.

    Every project is different, but I 
    love to talk specifics. This is especially important to keep in mind if I'm unfamiliar with your industry.

  • I’ll need one point of contact/approval from beginning to end.

    Though I’m happy to gather information from and collaborate with multiple people, if your project is corporate, one point of contact is best. A single source (the person accountable for the project) should be setting goals and deadlines with me.


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